4 Beautiful Twin Bedroom Designs You Will Love

For various reasons, in the end, you decide that children share a twin bedroom. For example, because of limited space, there is no more space, or maybe because your child wants to use the same room.

Whatever the reason, there are so many ways to design cool bedrooms for children. Some people choose to use bunk beds or bunk beds. Apart from that, you can also use twin beds, which are usually used in hotel rooms.

For that, designing and decorating a child’s room requires patience and patience so that we can realize a twin bedroom (twin bed) by combining the tastes of 2 different children.

Twin Bedroom Designs
Twin Bedroom Designs

The tips below will help you get a bedroom interior design that is popular with children.

Here Are Some Beautiful Twin Bedroom Designs That You Will Love

1. Maximum Pink

Princess twin bedrooms
Princess twin bedrooms – source: pinterest.ru

This twin bedroom is suitable for girls. Pink is the main color that dominates the entire room from the blanket, wallpaper, to the ceiling. When your child grows up, the use of pink can be minimized easily. All you have to do is change the color of the sheets, curtains, and other elements that are temporary.

2. Hanging Twin Bed

Hanging Twin Bed
Hanging Twin Bed – source: ideas-forhome.com

This room looks cooler with the use of unique twin beds that are rarely found. In addition to super unique hammocks, people’s attention will also be focused on the beautiful design of the hammock.

3. Twin Beds for Boys and Girls

Boys and girls Room
Boys and girls Room – source: dolocus.com

Designing twin bedrooms for boys and girls requires separate strategies. Provide a private area for each child with a design that they like. One area is designed with dominant pink for girls. While the area next to it uses a boy’s favorite calm color.

4. Blue Contrast

Blue Contrast Twin Bedroom
Blue Contrast Twin Bedroom – source: mykinglist.com

Another idea is twin bedrooms for boys and girls. This bedroom seems to put two different worlds in one room. On the one hand, the blue color dominates completely with all typical male trinkets.

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