4 Attractive Bathroom Design Ideas That Make You Comfortable

Every house that has a bathroom would make the residents comfortable in the cleaning activity. Although the bathroom is only used to Wash the Bathroom Toilet, but having an attractive bathroom design is the best idea in making homeowners feel more comfortable in the bathroom.

Conscious or not, if we find a bathroom in dirty conditions, usually we will be in a bad mood. Bathing becomes lazy. Therefore, the bathroom design has a very big role!

To make the bathroom comfortable, you don’t need a large space. A tiny or minimalist bathroom can also be tricked into being super attractive!

Bathroom Design Ideas
Bathroom Design Ideas

So what kind of attractive bathroom design? this time TupLis will discuss 4 attractive bathroom design inspirations based on the themes owned by the bathroom, the following reviews:

1. Simple Bathroom

Simple Bathroom
Simple Bathroom – source: pinterest.com

As you can see, this bathroom is very simple with an elongated concrete table layout that is supported by 1 segment wall divider from a concrete table. This bathroom’s color also only consists of 3 colors: white, gray and blue. on the other hand this bathroom is equipped with elongated glass which attracts the user’s attention to reflect. Although the mirror shows an area for “bathing” but the user still feels comfortable with the blue curtain as a curtain when bathing.

2. The Bathroom is Spacious

The Bathroom is Spacious
The Bathroom is Spacious – source: pinterest.ru

This bathroom has the theme “Large bathroom” because the size of the room does look elongated, so that various types of properties can be accommodated in this bathroom. One of the interesting things about this bathroom theme is that there is a wardrobe that can be used to change clothes, so users don’t have to bother changing clothes by going to another room. besides this spacious room has a nice property layout, a bathtub located at the end of the room will make users curious and want to achieve it in getting freshness to soak.

3. Semi-transparent Bathroom

Semi transparent Bathroom
Semi transparent Bathroom – source: pinterest.ru

This bathroom is used as the theme of “semi-transparent bathroom” because there is frosted glass that is used to enter natural light from the outside, although some users do not feel comfortable with this design but this frosted glass can be modified by putting a curtain that covers the window when the user is taking a shower, or maybe this bathroom fits the design on the second floor.

4. Roof Toilet

Roof Toilet
Roof Toilet – source: yandex.com

You can apply inspiration from the theme “Toilet roof” if you still have the remaining roof space with “Sloping Ceiling Arrangements”. The window glass that was designed and located above serves as a receiver of natural light during the day and at night you will enjoy the view of the stars in the sky during defecation.

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