13+ The Latest Unique Household Design Ideas You Should Know

Stairs are something that must be considered because stairs are one of the important elements in home design. A good ladder is not only about its design but also based on its comfort and size.
Not infrequently not you find a ladder where each ladder is too high between one and the other so that makes you uncomfortable when riding it.

That’s why in making stairs not only design but also measurement, layout, to the implementation of the construction all play an important role in determining how safe and comfortable the stairs in your home.

The Latest Unique Household Design Ideas
The Latest Unique Household Design Ideas

Space under the stairs is often left just like that. Diagonal lines are considered to be a barrier to building something underneath. While with a little creativity, this empty space can be transformed into a function space. As a storage area for example. You can make a bookshelf, wardrobe or a place to store cutlery in the empty space.

Let your imagination grow. Then it’s not just the benefits of a storage area for the items you will get from the space under the stairs. Here are alternative designs that can be used in the basement of your home stairs.

Space under the stairs can be left empty without becoming a storage room. You can use it as a lounge by placing a few chairs and tables under the stairs. To add to a particular occasion, the wall next to the stairs can be fitted with ceramic images with your favorite motif. In addition to pictorial ceramics, you can also try to apply vinyl, posters or paint the wall next to the stairs.

If you have a U-shaped staircase, this one design can be a reference to redecorate the interior of your home. You can organize a garden using hydroponic techniques. Some types of ornamental trees with a maximum height of only two meters can be an option.

You can also plant several types of plants or flowers. To beautify the garden, also use ornamental coral which can be adjusted to the color of the surrounding conditions.

Below Is a Latest Unique Household Design Ideas

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Hopefully, this article gives you the Latest Unique Household Design Ideas in your home!

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