10 Amazing Small Bathroom Storage Designs for You to Have

Having lots of storage at home is an important part of a functional home design, be it in the bedroom, kitchen, storage room, dining room or bathroom. Be it with modern interiors, rustic style, Asian, tropical, rustic, or classic style, whether it is mainly in large or small bathrooms, storage areas such as shelves and cupboards for putting various toiletries and hygiene and cosmetics are needed.

Often, when the bathroom also functions as a washing area, storage cabinets are even more important to ensure the practical use of available storage space according to your needs and tastes.

Because of this, often bathroom designers and decorators carefully insert this storage section to make it visually appropriate and remain functional for the bathroom.

Small Storage For Bathroom
Small Storage For Bathroom

Small bathrooms have unique challenges in terms of storage of toiletries because of limited space. However, that does not mean you can not have a neat and orderly bathroom. There are various creative ways to store toiletries so that even though they are small, the bathroom still looks beautiful, neat, and also comfortable to use.

Take advantage of the empty wall above the toilet seat and its surroundings to become a storage area with the addition of cabinets and wooden shelves. These shelves can be used to place towels, tissues, makeup or other decorative elements. But, it seems the placement of the shelf does not interfere with the use of the toilet seat itself. Note the dimensions that are ergonomic and safe for toilet seat users.

The most widely used storage area is under the sink counter. This closed storage cabinet is usually used to store bathroom cleaning equipment and toiletries.

Well! Let’s look at some Small Bathroom Storage Design Ideas for You to Have

Small Bathroom Storage Design Ideas

Bathroom Storage ideas
Bathroom Storage ideas – source: pinterest.com.au
Bathroom Wall Storage ideas
Bathroom Wall Storage ideas – source: aisle9.com
DIY Small Bathroom Storage
DIY Small Bathroom Storage – source: freshouz.com
Industrial Bathroom Shelves Design
Industrial Bathroom Shelves Design – source: pinterest.de
Inspiring Quick and Easy Bathroom Storage
Inspiring Quick and Easy Bathroom Storage – source: pinterest.se
Small Bathroom Storage Designs
Small Bathroom Storage Designs – source: in.pinterest.com
Small Bathroom Storage
Small Bathroom Storage – source: pinterest.co.uk
Small Storage For Bathroom
Small Storage For Bathroom – source: teamhom.com
Unique Over The Toilet Decor
Unique Over The Toilet Decor – source: lafritenyc.com
Small Hanging Wooden Storage
Small Hanging Wooden Storage – source: koonlo.com

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